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In the field of public safety, it seems that there’s always more demand for funding than there is supply. However, there are numerous options available to help fund new advances in public safety, from counter-terrorism grants to hazard mitigation or environmental protection grants… as long as you know where to look. 

We understand that the specialty of most public safety officials is in logistics, management, strategy, not in filing bureaucratic paperwork. Getting a plan of action rolling takes time, stamina, and sheer grit. That’s why we provide assistance in the grant application process, identifying funding opportunities for your specific needs, and composing successful Grant Justification Letters and Applications. Scouring federal, state, and private grants, we match our product offerings with your specific needs and leverage our experience to obtain the funding you need in order to better protect your team and your community. This service includes up to 90 minutes per month of personalized coaching and instruction, applicable for all 50 states, District of Columbia, and all U.S. territories. 

Obtain funding for…
  1. Training that teaches a tactical military team how to clean up after bio-terrorist attacks in remote areas. 
  2. Equipment that eliminates fentanyl contamination for first responders when they arrive on the scene. 
  3. Cleaning procedures that reduce toxic chemical exposure for firefighters by decontaminating equipment and gear. 

And more…

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