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A New Front in National Defense


D7’s Government-Funded Formulation Heralded a New Decontamination Standard

In 1995, a chemical nerve agent was released in Tokyo subways as an act of domestic bioterrorism. With 12 dead and over 1000 civilians injured, the U.S. Government recognized the need for a better response to the increased danger of biowarfare at home and abroad. Funding was granted to Sandia Labs to create a broad-spectrum decontaminant with low toxicity and corrosivity properties that could be used against known and unknown biological and chemical warfare agents. 


After years of research and development, the team at Sandia came up with the decontaminating foam technology that D7 is based on. This revolutionary formula was…


Powerful enough to take on any challenge, from anthrax attacks to stubborn Staph biofilms. 


Relatively low in toxic materials, making it easy to transport, store, and utilize in areas that needed to be safe for public access.


Customized to several different application methods, which ensured more effective use.


Decon7 Was Established to Enable Further Manufacture and Development

After the D7 base formula was developed and thoroughly tested, the patent was contracted out to private business in order to continue strategic development, and create this potentially life-saving substance on a commercial level. That’s how Decon7 was born. Numerous head scientists and researchers from Sandia moved to Decon7 after its founding in 2012 in order to continue to refine and expand the product’s uses and efficacy. It wasn’t long before D7 became the leading standard in decontamination and safety for military personnel and first responders.


Decon7’s Expansion into Food
& Biosecurity

A 2015 avian flu outbreak in the United States prompted our team to start exploring application cases for the food & beverage industry. After targeted testing, it soon became apparent that D7’s powerful formula was perfect for tackling food contamination issues, both in reaction to outbreaks, and preventively for ongoing cleaning and sanitization. At the same time, D7’s hydrogen-peroxide-based methodology was gentle enough to protect valuable equipment and safe enough to use in food production facilities*. 

Since 2015, Decon7 has carefully proceeded with the exhaustive process of registering our decontamination product with the EPA, meticulously proving each claim once again through third-party testing. 

(*A potable water rinse is required after application on food contact surfaces.)

egg processing plant

Investing In the Future

D7’s application options continue to expand, providing safety in meatpacking facilities, large-scale farming, and food processing. This powerful solution also continues to prove its use in protecting the safety and health of first responders and military personnel, minimizing toxic exposure for firefighters in the field, clearing fentanyl contamination for first responders, and enabling local safety officers to be equipped with world-class decontamination solutions at any given moment.

Today, Decon7 continues to drive cutting-edge solutions for the toughest contamination challenges out there. Our passionate team of inventors, strategists, and chemical engineers increases safety for every client who walks in our doors.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide value to our customers by improving
cleaning, disinfecting, and safety for everyone.

We achieve this through reducing and sanitizing microbial contamination while achieving operational savings. With a vision towards the future, we continuously refine and develop our offerings in order to progress and maintain our core values:

Environmentally-friendly solutions that create a more sustainable future. 

Revolutionary application methods that increase useability and efficacy. 

Reliable and proven results in any scenario.